Committee on Security, Constitutional and Legal Affairs


Name:   Hon. Rosalia Shilenga
Tel:   + 264 61 2028000
Fax:   + 264 61 226121
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Deputy Chairperson

Name:   Hon. Nico Herman Mungenga
Tel:   + 264 61 2028000
Fax:   + 264 61 226121
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Mr Bernard Mwala Neo
+264 61 202 8132
+264 61 202 8146
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The function of this Committee is:

  1. To deal with matters concerning constitutional, legal, judicial and legislative procedural affairs;
  2. To review international and regional co-operation as regards trade, tourism, peace and security and advise the Council thereon;
  3. To review Namibia’s foreign policy and make its recommendations to the Council;
  4. To review and monitor defence and security policies and requirements and advise the Council thereon;
  5. To deal with questions or matters falling with the ambit of Ministries and organs concerned with constitutional and legal affairs, such as the Ministry of Justice, Office of Attorney-General, Ombudsman’s Office, Courts of Law, the Legal Profession, Judicial Service Commission, Law Reform and Development Commission, Ministries of Foreign and Home Affairs, Ministry of Safety and Security, Ministry of Veterans Affairs and Ministry of Defence;
  6. To make suggestions on constitutional amendments;
  7. To monitor budget implementation Offices, Ministries and Agencies falling within the Committee’s ambit; and
  8. Performs any other functions as may be referred to it by the Council.
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