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First National Assembly: 1990 - 1995

# Name Party Email Phone Position
21 Biwa Eric UDF Member of Parliament
22 Hishongwa Hadino SWAPO Deputy Minister of Labour and Human Resources Development
23 Angula Helmut Kangulohi SWAPO Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources
24 Pohamba Hifikepunye Lucas SWAPO Minister of Home Affairs
25 Pretorius W.F. Jacobus (Kosie) ACN Member of Parliament
26 Haraseb Johannes DTA Shadow Minister of Environment and Tourism
27 /Gaseb Johannes DTA Member of Parliament
28 Mbuende Munionganda Kaire SWAPO Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development
29 Amathila Appolus Libertine SWAPO Minister of Regional and Local Government and Housing
30 Kerina Mburumba FCN Member of Parliament
31 Tsheehama A.T. Peter SWAPO Deputy Minister for State Security
32 Junius M. Petrus DTA Shadow Minister of Education, Training and Employment Creation
33 Malima N. Philemon Appointed By President Deputy Minister of Defence
34 Toivo Ya Toivo Andimba SWAPO Minister of Mines and Energy
35 Konjore Willem SWAPO Member of Parliament
36 //Garoeb Moses SWAPO Member of Parliament
37 Muyongo Mishake DTA Member of Parliament
38 Muyongo Mishake DTA Member of Parliament
39 Rukoro Vekuii Reinhard CCN Deputy Minister of Justice
40 Diergaardt Reggie UDF Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport

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