Iyambo Nickey



Minister of Regional and Local Government and Housing



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Other information:

Legislative Profile

Member of Constituent Assembly 1989; Head of first Leadership team to return to Namibia 1989; Head of the UN-SWAPO liaison Officer during the elections 1989; Member of the Constitutional Drafting Committee 1989 – 1990; Minister of health and Social Services 1990 – 1996; Minister of Regional and Local Government and Housing 1996 – 2002; Member of the SWAPO Political Bureau 2002 – 2007; Minister of Mines and Energy; Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry 2005 – 2008; Minister of Safety and Security 2008 – 2010; Minister of Veterans Affairs since 2010; Member of the Central Committee and Political Bureau of SWAPO since 2012 


Born on 20 May 1936 at Onayena, Oshikoto Region 


M.Sc in Social Science from University of Helsinki 1969; MA in Political Science from University of Helsinki 1970; BA (Medicine) from University of Helsinki 1974; MD (Medicine) from University of Helsinki 1980 


Join SWAPO 1960; First black Post Master in Namibia 1962 -1963; Imprisonment for political reasons 1963; Clerk for Etosha Petroleum Company in Namibia 1963 – 1964; Went to exile 1964; Broadcaster for the External Services of Radio Tanzania 1964; SWAPO representative to the Nordic Countries 1966 – 1971; Chairman of the African Students Association in Finland 1975 -1979; Co-author of the book, White Power of Southern Africa 1976; Chief of SWAPO Head of Military Medical Service 1981 – 1984; SWAPO Head of Medical Services Kwanza Sul, Angola 1986 – 1989; Chairperson of the SWAPO National AIDS Committee 1986 – 1989; Chairman of the SWAPO Children’s Committee at Kwanza Sul 1989; Chairman of Board of Trustee of AIDS Care Trust 1995 – 1998; Cabinet Minister since 1990.


Social and Community Issues pertaining of the economic well-being of the marginalised especially children, women and veterans; Environment Issues 
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