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Second National Assembly: 1995 - 2000

# Name Party Email Phone Position
41 Nambinga Jeremiah SWAPO Deputy Minister of Home Affairs
42 Shaetonhodi Mueneni Jonh SWAPO Acting Minister of Labour
43 Amathila Appolus Libertine SWAPO Minister of Health and Social Services
44 Siska Patricia DTA Member of Parliament
45 Junius M. Petrus DTA Member of Parliament
46 Malima N. Philemon SWAPO Minister of Enviroment and Tourism
47 Tjiriange Ngarikutuke SWAPO Minister of Justice
48 Toivo Ya Toivo Andimba SWAPO Minister of Labour
49 Konjore Willem SWAPO Member of Parliament
50 //Garoeb Moses SWAPO Minister of Labour and Human Resources Development
51 Rukoro Vekuii Reinhard Appointed By President Attorney General
52 Katjiuongua Moses DCN Member of Parliament
53 Bessinger Niko SWAPO Minister of Wildlife, Conservation and Tourism
54 Shoombe Pashukeni SWAPO Member of Parliament
55 Musialela Ellen SWAPO Member of Parliament
56 Dierks Klaus SWAPO Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy
57 Bayer Anna SWAPO Member of Parliament
58 Biwa Willem SWAPO Member of Parliament
59 Hubschle Michaela Appointed By President Deputy Minister of Prisons and Correctional Services
60 Maxuilili G.I. Nathaniel SWAPO Member of Parliament

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