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Other information:

Legislative Profile

Member of the National Council for Kavango region (1998 - 2004); Member of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs; Defence and Security (1998 - 2004); Councilor for the Rundu Rural Constituency.


Born 1 August 1964 at Shambyu-Utokota, Kavango Region. Resides in Millennium Park, Rundu.


Primary and Secondary education in Namibia. Diploma in Business Management, Business Management Training College of Southern Africa (2002). Certificate, Para-Legal Skills, University of Namibia (UNAM) (1997).


SWAPO Party District Co-ordinator for Rundu Rural Constituency (1998); Represented SPYL in the exchange Youth Leader programme in Denmark (1993); SPYL Central Committee 1992 - 2000); SWAPO Party Youth League Regional Secretary for Kavango Region (1991-1998); WAPO Party field worker, Party agent during UN election (1989); Chairperson of NANSO Rundu Branch and Regional Secretary of NANSO for Kavango Region, a member of the General Students Council of NANSO (1989); Joined SWAPO Party in Arandis, (1986); Vice-Chairperson of NANSO Kolin Branch (1988); Served at various structures of NANSO, and detained by the racist South African Army (1987-1989); Military Training (1982-1984).


Defence, national security, land reform and international politics.
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