Ndjambula Phillemon



Member of Parliament


Olukonda Constituency

Oshikoto Region

Other information

Other information:

Legislative Profile

Member of the National Council for Oshikoto Region (1998 - 2010); Councilor for the Olukonda Constituency. Member of CPA Namibia Branch.


Born 05 September 1960 at Okaloko. Resides in Oshikoto Region.


Attended Primary School at Onezizi Combined School. Completed grade 12 at Oluno Secondary School 1975.


Joined SWAPO Party (1975); Received military trained at Tobias Hainyeko Training Centre, Angola (1976); Studied political science in former Soviet Union (USSR) (1981); Diploma in Administration and Development Studies, United Nations Institute for Namibia, (Zambia) (1983 – 1986); Studied political science at John Scher Party School, German Democratic Republic (GDR) (1986 – 1987); SWAPO Party Chief of Information and Mobilization Officer, Ondangwa (1989); Elected first Regional Councillor for Olukonda Constituency (1992); Elected Member of the Oshikoto Regional Council’s Management Committee (1995);


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