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Fourth National Assembly: 2005 - 2010

# Name Party Email Phone Position
41 Ngatjizeko Immanuel SWAPO Minister of Labour and Social Welfare SME Development
42 Nghidinwa Annette Ndilinasho Rosalia SWAPO Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration
43 Nghimtina Erkki SWAPO Minister of Mines and Energy
44 Nujoma Utoni SWAPO Deputy Minister of Justice
45 Riruako Kuaima (DECEASED) NUDO
46 Shifeta Penomwenyo Pohamba SWAPO Deputy Minister of Youth national Service Sport and Culture
47 Sioka Nampiye Doreen SWAPO Deputy Speaker
48 Tjihuiko Arnold NUDO Member of Parliament
49 Tweya Tjekero SWAPO Deputy Minister of Finance
50 Ulenga Benjamin COD This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. + 264 61 288 2525 Member of Parliament: Party Leader
51 Iyambo Abraham (DECEASED) SWAPO Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources
52 Shihepo D. Gabriel (DECEASED) SWAPO Deputy Minister of Safety and Security
53 Angula Helmut Kangulohi SWAPO Minister of Works and Transport
54 Venaani McHenry PDM Member of Parliament
55 De waal J.C Johan Claasen DTA Member of Parliament
56 Nambinga Jeremiah SWAPO Member of Parliament
57 Amathila Appolus Libertine SWAPO Deputy Prime Minister
58 Mungunda Maria Marline SWAPO Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare
59 Schimming-Chase Nora COD Member of Parliament
60 Smit Paul Albertus Appointed By President Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development

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