Minister of Finance tables Appropriation Bill, 27 May 2020

Hon. Ipumbu Shiimi tabling the budget


  Story by George Sanzila

The Minister of Finance, Hon. Ipumbu Shiimi has today (27/05/2020) tabled the Appropriation Bill for 2020/ 2021 that amounts to a total expenditure of N$72.8 billion.

The Appropriation Bill allows the Minister of finance to table the national annual budget in order to appropriate amounts of money to meet the financial requirements of the state.

Delivering his statement in the National Assembly today, Hon. Shiimi said the budget has been crafted in cognizant of government efforts to fight the COVID- 19 pandemic and its impact. The budget was presented under the theme “Together defeating COVID – 19, Together thriving again”.

The Finance Minister further added that an emergency budget of N$727 million was frontloaded to the health sector and that an emergency grant comprising of a once off payment of N$750 targeted to the low income group has benefited over 747 000 Namibians at a total cost of N$561.96 million. Furthermore, in responding to the negative impact caused by Covid- 19, the National Employment and Salary Protection Scheme for COVID 19 was launched on the 10th April in collaboration with the Social Security Commission at a cost of N$645 million. It is meant to provide wage subsidy for employers and employees in the severely affected sectors.


The various allocations per sector are as follows:

Social sectors

  • Ministry of Basic education – N$14.2 billion
  • Ministry of Higher education, Training and Innovation – N$3.3 billion (N$900.2 million UNAM, 503.9 million NUST and N$1.5 billion NASFAF)
  • Ministry of Health and Social Services – N$7.95 billion
  • Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty eradication and Social Welfare – N$5.3 billion

Economic and infrastructure sectors

  • Ministry of Transport – N$2.4 billion
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land reform – N$1.3 billion
  • Ministry of Finance – N$6.2 billion
  • Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development – N$174.8 million

Public Safety and Order sectors

  • Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs – N$6.2 billion
  • Ministry of Home Affairs, Safety and Security – N$5.95 billion million
  • The Judiciary – N$375.7 million
  • Ministry of Justice – N$480.7 million
  • Anti-Corruption Commission – N$61.6 million

Administrative Sectors

  • Ministry of Urban and Rural Development – N$1.7 billion
  • Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation – N$1.0 million
  • National Assembly – N$131 million
  • National Council – N$101.3 million
  • Contingency Fund – N$324.2 million
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