Ngatjizeko Immanuel



Minister: Industilisation, Trade and SME Development



Other information

Other information:

Legislative Profile

Member of Parliament since 2000; Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy 2000 - 2003; Minister of Trade and Industry 2005 - 2008; Minister of Labour and Social Welfare 2008 - 2012; Minister of Safety and Security since December 2012


Born on 30 May 1952 at Otjohorongo (near Omaruru), Erongo Region


Completed Standard 10 at Augustineum College in Windhoek; Diploma in Commerce and Administration from University of Fort Hare, Eastern Cape 1974 - 1976


Head of Finance Department at the Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN) 1980 - 1994; Served as SWAPO Party Organiser 1978 - 1980; Member of the Internal National Executive Committee before Independence where he served as Acting Administrative Secretary 1978 - 1990; SWAPO Party Secretariat he served as Secretary for Finance since 1997; Member of SWAPO Party Political Bureau since 2007; Member of SWAPO Party Central Committee since 1991; Managing Director of the Zebra Holdings 1994 - 1997; Director General of the National Planning Commission 2003 - 2005


Politics and Economic Issues

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