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Standing Committee on Women Caucus


The function of this Committee is:

  1. To scrutinize and report to the Council on matters falling within the Ministries, Agencies, Organs, State-Owned Enterprises and the private sector concerning the advancement of the agenda of women development;
  2. To scrutinize and review the implication of Bills and Acts of Parliament that discriminate and negatively impact on the lives of women;
  3. To undertake awareness campaigns and encourage information dissemination on matters related to women;
  4. To lobby and advocate for more women representation in decision-making bodies;
  5. To encourage the participation of women in political, economic and social spheres at regional, national and international level;
  6. To liaise with bodies, Ministries and institutions representing the interests of women;
  7. To promote the exchange of experiences and contribute to the defence of human rights, especially those of young girls, women and children;
  8. To interact with communities concerning Acts of Parliament with directly affect the lives of women and children;
  9. To perform any other functions as may be referred to it by the Council.

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Ms Auguste Shali
+ 264 61 202 8055
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