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MPs call for inclusive Gender Responsive Budgeting, 09 April 2018



  Story by Mutafela Sitali

Yesterday (09/04/2018), the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) brought together Members of Parliament (MPs) from Gender and Public Accounts Standing committees for a workshop on gender and responsive budgeting.

The interactive workshop, facilitated by IPPR research experts, led to an exciting dialogue among the MPs on gender and equity.

In her opening remarks, IPPR’s Nangula Shejavali pointed out that the main objective of the workshop was to enhance the capacities of MPs to execute their role of ensuring compliance of gender and equity in Ministerial Policy Statements and Budget Framework Papers while also working towards achieving a strategically gender equality budget for women and men and girls and boys.


The budget is the most important mechanism for equitable distribution of resources and should be used to attain gender equality. It is often assumed that a national budget is gender neutral, that in its functions, a budget will benefit women and men, girls and boys equally.

The workshop ended with the participants coming up with a list of recommendations for the FY 2018-2019. Within the health and women empowerment program sector, some of the priority actions raised are to formulate a gender inclusive budget and to ensure implementation of government policies at all levels. Some of the priority actions included establishing appropriate rehabilitation programs for inmates as well as an inclusive gender friendly health services.

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