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Parliamentarians Gather To Boost Cyber Security

Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi officially opened the conference

Story by George Sanzila

The Commonwealth Africa Parliamentary Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Conference started today (28/11/16) in Windhoek, Namibia. Cyberspace transcends borders and has become a way of life in the world hence the need to enhance global efforts to keep it secure. The four day conference that was officially opened by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi is aimed at helping commonwealth countries develop and implement robust cybercrime legislation. MPs and industry experts from more than ten countries are gathered for this conference.

Cybercrimes comes in many forms and some of the crimes include scams, dark web, piracy, crypto currencies, ransom ware, corporate espionage and paedophilia among many others.

 Pornography has become a worrisome trend on cyberspace and Namibia is not an exception. According to a study by the Namibian University of Science and technology (NUST) 68% of Namibians have seen sexual content online they did not wish to see. Namibia is currently in the process of finalizing the draft electronic transactions and cybercrime bill. The bill will also target online child pornography among other cybercrimes.

Katjavivi noted that inasmuch as cyberspace has presented many opportunities, so too are challenges that continue to grow and threaten the wellbeing of many countries. “The enormous opportunities that are presented through cyberspace can easily be turned into challenges as well. This is so because cyberspace has made many of us, sovereign states, private companies as well as individual citizens, vulnerable to the dangers of hackers, terrorists, fraudsters, drug traffickers and others”, bemoaned Hon. Katjavivi.

Alluding to the envisaged electronic transactions and cyber-crime bill as interventions of the Namibian government, he further noted that Parliamentarians have a crtical role to play to ensure cyber security. “Parliamentarians as custodians of the people have an enormous responsibility to ensure that cyber security is high on the national agenda. They can influence policy frameworks through the legislative process, budget approvals and public hearings”, suggested Hon. Katjavivi.

The conference ends on Thursday 01 December 2016.


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