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Speaker Meets a Welfare Organization, 24 January 2017

Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Prof. Peter H. Katjavivi with a group of young people from Kunene region who have formed a welfare organization. Second from left is the Director in the Speaker’s office, Mr. Gerson Tjihenuna

Story by George Sanzila

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Prof. Peter H. Katjavivi has pledged to support a newly created welfare organization known as the Great Kunene Regional and Rural Development Organization. This became evident after members of the association met with the speaker today (24/01/17) to canvass for his support and patronage.

 The association made up of seven members, was set up towards the end of last with the mandate of among others to uplift the living standards of the marginalized communities of Kunene region. Kunene, a vast region in North West Namibia is largely inhabited by the indigenous people of the ova Himba that have a deeply entrenched culture. This has often resulted in them being excluded from the mainstream society and access to basic services such as education and health.

The latter concerns prompted a group of young people who hail from the same region to set up the association. According to Uarije Uautua, the association’s chairperson, support is needed to tackle these health and education related challenges.

“We are pleased to note that the Speaker visited Kunene region last year to see for himself. We have many challenges and we are looking at making a change in terms of access to health and education as well as self-help projects”, noted Uautua.

On his part, Hon. Prof. Katjavivi who noted that he was more than ready to render his support in this noble initiative, was further pleased by the involvement of the youth in the welfare of the people of Kunene. “This is something closer to our hearts as Parliament. It is a good thing to see young people concerned about the welfare of people. We visited Kunene and Omusati regions last year, targeting issues related to health and education. It is refreshing to see young people being the transmitting belts of development”, said Katjavivi.

Hon, Prof. Katjavivi who emphasized the importance of early child development centers in remote areas such as Kunene also spoke about the need to replicate the initiative in other rural parts of the country.

“Most of the NGO’s are urban based which further excludes the masses in rural areas. We need to create an awareness by holding a workshop to identify the challenges and needs of the people”, implored hon. Katjavivi.


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