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Speaker Wants Staff to be Capacitated

Staff members of the National Assembly gathered for the annual address by the Speaker Hon. Prof. Peter H. Katjavivi



Training and capacity building featured prominently in the Speaker Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi’s speech to staff members of the National Assembly today (26/01/17).

The Speaker met the staff for an annual general meeting meant to heighten their spirits and activities of the institution at the start of each year.


 Hon. Prof Katjavivi emphasized the importance of human capital in any institution and the need to streamline the existing training policy to make it more effective. “All staff are important as they make the institution to function well. There is a great need to revisit the staff training policy to make it more effective and to make sure that we are complying with the rules and regulations of the National Assembly”, stressed Katjavivi. He noted that training should be prioritized despite the challenges of financial constraints. “We need to explore a number of avenues to mobilise resources outside our budget. We should make this a priority and it should not only apply to people at the top but also at the lower level”, implored Hon. Prof. Katjavivi.

He further urged for diligence and team work while discouraging late coming, noting the latter violates the principle of professionalism. “Staff should work hard as always and avoid late coming as professionals. We should be able to function well together and ready to assist one another”, appealed Katjavivi.

The Speaker revealed during the meeting that the Official Opening of Parliament, an annual undertaking that symbolizes the resumption of Parliament business, would take place in the Parliament Chambers as a cost cutting measure. Parliament will open on the 14th of February 2017. “Even though we had the event in Parliament gardens last year due to space constraints, we plan to have it in the Chamber this year to cut on costs”, said the Speaker.


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