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National Assembly solicits input from Stakeholders on Strategic Plan, 28 February 2017

National Assembly Speaker, Hon. Prof. Peter H. Katjavivi (middle) opens the meeting surrounded by representatives of external Stakeholders and Senior Management of NA


  Story by George Sanzila

External stakeholders were today (28/02/2017) presented with the National Assembly Strategic Plan that is nearing its completion, to solicit for their input. The Strategic Plan that will run from 2017 to 2020 has become a product of intensive consultation from various stakeholders in order to have a comprehensive document that will guide the institution for the next four years.

Already stakeholders such as staff members and Members of Parliament have been thoroughly consulted. The document, the first of its kind for the institution would be launched by the end of March this year and is expected to be operational by early April to run concurrently with the introduction of the national budget.


Speaking at the opening of the meeting, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi noted that the move was a milestone that needed broad input before implementation. “The National Assembly never had a strategic plan. We decided it’s time for the institution to have one. We felt the document needed proper consultations and engagement from all stakeholders to be able to pick up any amendments or refinements. Our intention is to have it finalized and launched in March. We would like to have it operational by 1st of April”, noted the Speaker.

The Secretary of the National Assembly, Ms. Lydia Kandetu reiterated the importance of the Strategic plan adding that she was pleased with the level of engagement on the document so far. “We started with the Strategic Plan last year. It is a very important tool for the institution. We have held meetings with staff members and Members of Parliament as part and parcel of this institution so that they too can own this document. Apart from that our Strategic Plan is aligned with high level documents such as Vision 2030 and the Harambe Prosperity Plan”, said Kandetu.

The Strategic plan meeting is being facilitated by Mr. Frikkie Mouton, a Consultant who drafted the document with support from the EU’s Parliamentary Support Programme (PSP). External stakeholders represented at the meeting include the National Planning Commission, Konrad Adeneur Stiftung and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

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