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Standing Committee on Habitat meets CEO of NamWater Dr Veino Shivute and delegation on water issues in the country

Members of the Standing Committee on Habitat, with the CEO of NamWater Dr Veino Shivute and delegation


  Story by Immanuel Kooper

As part of its oversight function, and in addition to the recently concluded inspection visits to the regions to ascertain the status in the supply of basic commodities such as water to the rural communities, the National Council Standing Committee on Habitat, summoned NamWater to shed more light on issues pertinent in the supply of this basic commodity to the communities of the regions visited.

TThe CEO of NamWater Dr Veino Shivute and his delegation appeared before the Standing Committee in the G4 conference room of the National Council and gave impetus to the questions raised by the concerned communities and also shed more light on the status quo of supplying water overall to all inhabitants of the country, the successes and challenges experienced in this mammoth task on the shoulders of the water entity. Dr Shivute made it clear that NamWater is not receiving any subsidies from central government thus experiencing enormous challenges in executing their mandate in assuring the continuous supply of potable water to all Namibians.


Upon its establishment several years back, NamWater received an amount of 277 million dollars from government and since then only rely on their own financial resources. Various Town and Village Councils across the country owe millions of dollars to the water entity, hampering the execution of the mandate of the entity, i.e. the rehabilitation, renovation and establishment of the needed water infrastructure across the country. Dr Shivute noted that there is a tendency among some councils not to pay their water bills although in a capacity to do so, and many a times seek sympathy with politicians, a scenario which puts the entity in a bad light. NamWater at several occasions have written off debts but cannot continuously do so as it creates a precedence of accommodating debt, whilst it creates a tendency of not honouring ones obligation towards the water entity. There is a saying that "water is life" thus should be regarded as such and therefore should receive the priority it deserve if for example it is regarded very important to build a tar road to all corners of the country of which the latter receives enormous funding and support from central government.

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