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National Council Launches New Strategic Plan, 10 April 2018

from L: Deputy Secretary to the National Council Juliet Mupurua, Vice-Chairperson of NC Hon. Bernard Sibalatani, Chairperson of the NC Hon. Margaret Mensah-Williams, Secretary to the NC Emilia Mkusa and the Director of General Services in the National Council Lydia Indombo during the launch of the National Council Strategic Plan 2017/2018-2021/2022.


  Story by Pamela Mate

The National Council launched its Strategic Plan for the period, 2017/2018 – 2021/2022 today, Tuesday, 10 April 2018 at the National Council Administration Building.

The National Council Strategic Plan outlines the values that will inform how the National Council Members and Secretariat will fulfil their statutory mandate together with its objectives and priorities for the next five years. An important objective of the Plan is to enhance public participation in the law making process with the aim to increase public understanding and improve the perception of the public on the work of the National Council and its Members. In her statement, the National Council Chairperson, Hon. Margareth Mensah-Williams said that the document is the institution’s roadmap that will lead to success, provided that it is implemented timeously, effectively and efficiently. The Chairperson added the saying that goes “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

The Strategic Plan is set on five key strategies, which are to; strengthen the review function of the National Council, increase the oversight role of the National Council, enhance public and key stakeholder participation in the legislative process, enhance organisational performance and ensure an effective regulatory framework and compliance.

The Chairperson revealed the new Vision and Mission statements of the National Council and they are as follows;

Vision: “A house of Review that truly represents the interest of the people of Namibia.”

Mission Statement: “To effectively carry out the legislative and investigative review and oversight function by strengthening civic engagement and partnership.’’

Hon. Mensah Williams says these phrases were carefully and deliberately because the National Council always strives to remain relevant to the electorate; and through its members, aims to continue being the voice of the people on the ground.

Secretary to the National Council, Ms. Emilia Mkusa in her overview of the Strategic Plan emphasized that the National Council is committed to changing its work culture and the way of doing business with its stakeholders. Mkusa ensured all those present that the institution is taking effective measures to ensure that the Strategic Plan is fully implemented and all operational guidelines are effectively applied.

The event was well attended by National Council Members of Parliament, stakeholders from the UNDP, NUST, the Chinese Embassy, Office of the Prime Minister, The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, the National Assembly as well as support staff from the Secretariat.

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