Wentworth J.W. Buddy



Deputy Minister of Education and Culture


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Other information:

Legislative Profile

Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Vocational Training, Science and Technology since 1995. Deputy Minister of Education and Culture (1992 - 1994); Deputy Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (1990-1991); Member of the National Assembly MP since 1990.


Born 17 July 1937, Kimberley, South Africa. Resides in Windhoek, Khomas Region. Deceased on 4 June 2014


Secondary education in South Africa. Advanced Teacher's Diploma, Hewat Training College, South Africa (1954); Further studies, UNISA and Hewat Training College, South Africa.


Teacher and Principal in Namibia and South Africa (1955 - 1989); SWAPO Regional Secretary for Information, and SWAPO Regional Secretary for Education and Culture


Education and Training, women's and children's rights, human rights and the promotion of peace, democracy and national reconciliation, sports, and early childhood
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