National Council Staff Donate Blood

National Council Secretary, Mr. Tousy Namiseb has his iron levels checked during the NAMBTS visit to the National Council


  Story by Pamela Mate

The Namibia Blood Transfusion Services (NAMBTS) set up shop at the National Council recently where they encouraged staff to donate blood in order to save lives. Speaking at the event, Secretary to the National Council, Mr. Tousy Namiseb used the Latin phrase “Mens sana in corpore sano” translated as "a healthy mind in a healthy body" to encourage staff to donate blood and have it tested for blood type and iron levels. Mr. Namiseb said it was imperative that a healthy mind is housed in a healthy body to enhance productivity in the work place as well as in personal time outside of work. National Council staff were more than willing to heed this call, with a good number donating blood while others checked their iron levels, blood type and other health-related issues.

Why donate? Well, blood is vital to life and for many people blood donors are their lifeline. Currently only 0.8% of the Namibian population donates blood while 1 in every 3 people will need blood in their lifetime. It is sometimes thought that the majority of donated blood helps those involved in accidents and emergencies. However, most of the blood is used to treat mothers during pregnancy and birth complications, those suffering from cancer, patients undergoing surgery and those with other serious illnesses. Therefore, donor blood means the difference between life and death.

Currently there are just over 18,000 voluntary, unpaid donors in Namibia.


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